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VisBlue and DanSolar Collaborate on an Overall Harvest and Storage Solution of Green Energy

By Sidsel Westh-Hansen


VisBlue and DanSolar utilise the synergy that exists when two businesses share the same address. DanSolar develops solar cell systems that generate electrical power and fits perfectly as a business partner for VisBlue’s environmentally friendly batteries. Together VisBlue and DanSolar have combined forces in creating an overall solution that makes it possible to become 70-100% more self-sufficient with green energy. In practice, this means that the energy that is produced by DanSolar’s solar cell panels is stored in VisBlue’s Battery Solution and can be utilised whenever it is needed. That is renewable energy and sustainability at its best and there is a growth of interest for the solution that is implemented in the pilot project Housing+ in Søborg.


Paul Riis Arndt, CEO of DanSolar, explains that it is not profitable to resell one’s energy to the power grid these days. This is due to the high taxes and the 10 % waste each time power is being extracted and infused within the grid. However, reselling one’s energy to the power grid is the only option that solar panel owners have had in order to profit from the power that they cannot use themselves.

Søren Bødker, CEO of VisBlue, emphasises that the most important incentive to store one’s power is the economical aspect, but that the environmental assets should count as well. “We want to tell the world how reuse is a part of our batteries. Our batteries have a life span that is twice as long as lithium batteries and when the battery expires the individual parts can be reused for new batteries. That is not possible with other types of batteries”. Paul ads that “the life span of VisBlue’s Battery Solutions is 28 years while the life span on the solar cells is 25 years – that is synergy”.


VisBlue’s Battery Solutions consist of reusable material that is environmentally friendly. Regular batteries contain very contaminant fluids, but with vanadium redox flow batteries the fluid is made of the innocuous matter vanadium which is a thin solution of sulphuric acid. Moreover, the individual parts can be reused several times making the life span of the battery very long.


“In 2050 we should be CO2 neutral so we need to find these kinds of solutions which will make it possible to reach that goal. From 2020 it is, for example, legally required that new buildings should be as close to CO2 neutral as possible.” CEO of VisBlue, Søren Bødker.


Project “Green Denmark” is a fully financed project, where the goal is to make it more attractive to choose solar cell power production. The collaboration between DanSolar and VisBlue is deeply rooted in the project. The solar panels are installed free of charge and the cost saving is repaid within the first 10 years and thus constitutes the payment of the facility. Subsequently, one benefits from the saving without spending any money. For now, the solution is only offered to housing associations and industry, however, over time the offer should also apply to private homes.

31 August 2017

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VisBlue and Dansolar are collaborating

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