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VisBlue’s ”Cold” Neighbor Invests in Green Energy Storage

14 December 2017

VisBlue has successfully managed to attract a new, financially strong investor as well as receive another capital contribution from Borean to ensure further operation and development in the years to come.


VisBlue has gained a new investor in SOKI Holding owned by Kim Christensen. Kim Christensen is also the Managing Director of Advansor and he sees a lot of potential in VisBlue. “The reorganisation of the energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is truly necessary in the future. This development has been initiated, however, there is a great gap when it comes to energy storage. If the reorganisation is to be successful, new technologies within e.g. energy storage are essential. I have followed VisBlue’s development for some time now and I undoubtedly view VisBlue’s redox flow batteries as a part of the future energy storage solution” states Kim Christensen.


Kim Christensen continues “Finally, VisBlue has the support of an incredibly strong team of entrepreneurs from the University in Aarhus and in Porto. I believe that VisBlue has a very skillful team and I look forward to working with them”.


Søren Bødker, CEO of VisBlue, adds “In Kim, VisBlue gets an investor, who has been through the mill of transforming a business from an entrepreneurial startup to a larger corporation. The knowledge that Kim brings within this area will be very valuable for VisBlue, since we want to make exactly that transition within a few years”


A Strong Collaboration Continues

Concurrently, Borean Innovation has chosen to make further investments in VisBlue. Fund Manager Morten Bitsch Janik explains “Borean Innovation has chosen to make additional investments in VisBlue because the company operates within energy storage - a business area which we believe has great growth potential. In a relatively short amount of time, VisBlue has developed a commercial product that is now market-ready. This makes it natural for Borean to make another investment to get the sales and delivery process started to the many customers that have shown an interest.


Søren Bødker states of the continuing collaboration “I am very pleased that Borean still believes in VisBlue and makes this evident with another investment. I look forward to continuing our great collaboration”.


Advansor A/S

Kim Christensen founded Advansor A/S in 2006 and still manages the business. Advansor A/S produces and sells refrigerating plants with non-synthetic refrigerants (natural coolants) to e.g. super markets. Today, Advansor A/S employs approx. 130 people and has a turnover of around 45m Euros or close to 54m USD.


Borean Innovation

As an innovation incubator BOREAN provides pre-seed funding for early stage development and capital injections. Furthermore, BOREAN takes startup companies to the next level by bringing them into the operation phase while working as a catalyst in the process that leads up to commercialisation.



VisBlue is a spinout company that operates within energy storage by commercialising vanadium redox flow batteries.


Further Information:

VisBlue: Søren Bødker, CEO,, +45 2166 3575

BOREAN: Morten Bitsch Janik, Fund Manager,, +45 4265 1525

SOKI Holding and Advansor: Kim Christensen, Managing Director,,

+45 2094 3505

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