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Our contribution to the SDGs


The UN launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. The aim of these goals is to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


In order for these goals to be successful, we must all work together to create a better tomorrow.

VisBlue supports the UN's

Sustainable Development Goals











How do we contribute to Goal 2?

Target 2.A

No one should die of or suffer from hunger and to fight hunger, sustainable agriculture is key, along with modern and innovative technologies.

Unsustainable farming leads to environmental degradation, drought, and loss of biodiversity, which results in a rising number of people becoming malnourished or hungry.


We support Goal 2 and Target 2.A through our installation on the Danish island Livø. Our installation on Livø provides a basis for sustainable farming to take place. Here, our battery provides the island with reliable electricity, by storing the surplus energy from the island’s renewables (solar panels and a wind turbine) for later use.


This ensures that the farming on Livø is well on its way to depend 100% on renewable energy and phase out its old and polluting gensets.


Read more about Goal 2 here.

In order for Goal 2 to become a reality by 2030, we want to install and assist in additional projects that support sustainable farming.

How do we contribute to Goal 4?

Target 4.7

Goal 4 is important to us, as we believe that education is a fundamental

right. Through education we become innovative and acquire knowledge, which is a crucial part in securing the future for us and our planet.


With the help of NRGi’s Værdipulje, we contribute to Goal 4 and Target 4.7. We do this, by inviting schools around Denmark to visit us and our facilities, where we teach them about energy in general, energy storage, and the future of energy.


At the moment, more than 1,000 school children have visited us during the last year. We also invite other interested parties, such as municipalities and companies, to come by and experience our facilities and learn something new about energy, which we hope inspires thought and action.


We also work together with Aarhus University to help educate students and ensure a better quality of education. An example of how this is done is through the internships we offer at VisBlue (see Target 8.6).


But this is not all we do – we also take every chance we can to visit schools, municipalities, companies, etc. and educate them about energy, energy storage, and innovative thinking.

This is something we want to keep doing to make sure that the word of

green energy and sustainability is spread.


Read more about Goal 4 here.

To ensure that Goal 4 becomes a reality by 2030, we want to keep educating and spreading knowledge, and in that way do everything we can to ensure that everyone has access to (sustainable) education.

Why the SDGs?


We want to raise awareness about the SDGs and contribute in creating a better world.


Sustainability is not just about how we treat our planet, but an interest in the welfare of everyone and everything – from the environment to animals and people.

Therefore, sustainability is measured in our ability to provide fair and good living conditions for ourselves without exceeding the living conditions of future generations.


At VisBlue, we want to ensure that future generations and our planet will prosper and thrive, which is why we aspire to contribute to as many SDGs as we can.


Because sustainability is a part of our DNA.

What the SDGs mean to us

At VisBlue, we do not only see the point of implementing sustainability in our business conducts for the sake of just our business.

We do it because we feel a strong obligation to do what we can to ensure the environment and a certain quality of life for us and future generations.


The implementation of green energy and the transition of it is a sustainable solution to the climate crisis we are facing.

With batteries, we can help to realise several of the SDGs by upgrading our current energy infrastructure.


Because energy storage increases the progress, profit, and recycling of sustainable energy.

We are nominated for the hi Sustainable Development Award!


hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia has launched a new

award, the hi Sustainable Development Award.

The starting point of the award is the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We are excited to announce that VisBlue is nominated for this award.


Read more about our nomination on hi-industri here.

See what our CEO Søren has to say about our nomination!


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