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VisBlue strives to keep a good dialogue with the press and appreciates quick responses to enquiries. Enquiries from the press should be addressed to CEO, Søren Bødker.



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What projects is VisBlue involved in?



Organic Redox Flow Battery Systems or ORBATS as this project is called, is an ambitious project focused on optimising energy storage, both in costs as well as in efficiency and reduction of the impact that energy storage has on the environment.


With ORBATS we want to develop a redox flow battery technology that contains a non-toxic and non-corrosive organic fluid with a simpler soluble electrolyte component. Together with Vestas, Aarhus University, DTU Energy, Harvard University and Lithium Balance, VisBlue has embarked on a project with the scope of creating solutions for this.

However, the technology is still on the R&D level, which means that it will take a few years before it will be commercially available.


NRGi's Værdipulje:

This project aims to educate young students in future smart energy grids and how our technology can act as a helping tool in making this a possibility.


ReThink Business:

At VisBlue, we constantly put an effort into optimizing our product and business, and one of the things that we're currently working on is creating a more circular economy for our business which benefits both our customers, VisBlue and the environment.

When we ensure to take this into account, our customers don’t have to.


VisBlue has been granted funds from the EU to start our own "Rethink Business" Project. Along with funding, we have been granted an external consultant to help formulate how we can implement the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ mindset into our business case.

























Smart Energy:

The goal of this project is to support, develop and improve a commercial production of a Danish vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage with quality assurance. VisBlue does this by testing, optimizing and demonstrating the cooperation between the VRFB-technology and photovoltaic systems, water heating and heating pumps. Beyond that, this project also aims to demonstrate the potential of the VRFB-technology as a grid-buffer in an increasingly decentralised energy production.



The goal of this project is to improve a digital interface solution in support of the market maturity of a Danish VRFB energy storage. In this, the project aims to optimise an independent digital service product to enhance digital communication between a VRFB and photovoltaic systems, the energy grid and the end-user.


Grid Connected:

In cooperation with EUDP, Eniig and Aarhus University, VisBlue is involved in the Grid Connected project, which aims to eliminate inexpedient fluctuations on a local energy grid (residential) that has photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs.


This is done by placing a VRFB next to the municipal transformer. The VRFB will act as grid-buffer for excess energy produced by the PV’s. The VRFB hereby levels the voltage and diminishes the strain on the grid. The buildings connected to this transformer will moreover reap the benefit of utilizing the optimum effect from their PV’s.

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